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Becoming A Million Dollar A Year Producer Isn't About Working Harder, It's About Using Leverage

The best sales strategies are designed to be high leverage. This means focusing on the highest return activities with the least amount of time and effort spent. 

The richest people on Earth have the same 24 hours as you and I, the difference is they know how to leverage their time more effectively.

We teach you systems that do the heavy lifting for you so all you have to do is close.

Master The Holy Grail Of Sales: Inbound Appointments

Going door to door, cold calling or contacting your powerbase is draining.

It's bad positioning, you get yelled at and you waste 90% of your time. Only 10% of your effort actually leads to appointments being booked.

This is why we teach the art of booking inbound meetings.

These appointments are booked on your calendar like clockwork every day. 

And guess what? When you get on the call you're in the "alpha" position from the very beginning!

866 inbound appointment's with restaurant owners in 2021

Who is Tristen Larsen?

Tristen is a multi 7 figure polymath, philosopher king and obsessive learner. Tristen went from living in a town house in Elkridge, Maryland with divorced middle class parents to owning a $10M start up, two 7 figure marketing companies and Billionaire Transfer. Tristen has been featured on Yahoo Finance, APS News, Fox & more. Tristen is known for reading 15 books recommended by billionaires a month. When Tristen was 20 years old he moved out of his mom's house into a mansion to run an entrepreneur house called "Build Your Empire" where he was mentored by 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs. Tristen's obsession today is helping change people's lives by teaching the lessons from the most successful business people in the world (billionaires).